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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Part 2- Self-Endangerment

I found myself sitting in a car with two strangers and I wasn't afraid. The lady gave the man who was driving the car the envelope which he opened and read a note that said "Five O which is the police already got their share split the money with some one who needs it. Since the bills were big ,the man said he knew of some one who works at a nearby check cashing place who would change those bills into smaller bills for him. He left us in the car and went for 5 minutes. He said the man wanted to know if I had money in the bank so when I deposit this money their would be no suspicion. Trick #2 was to get some of that money out of the bank to prove to this pphantom man at the check cashing place that I had enough to keep me before touching that money. Trick #3 was to get the money out of the bank hand it over to one of the con Artists who would take it to the invisible guy at the check cashing place and later it would be refunded. When all this was done, the man went first, and came back with a brown paper bag. Next went the woman who came back with a brown paper bag. Lastly, I went in search of Charlie at the check cashing place. The cashier says to me there's no one here by that name. I went back to the spot where I left the two Cons and they were gone. They disappear with my money into thin air. Well, this has woke me up from since and so I am wary of my surroundings because I am not perfect.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Putting Myself in Danger By not sticking to my Beliefs and Convictions

Grown-ups advise children to refrain from talking to strangers in the hopes that they will be safe yet, grown-ups tend to do the same things they preach against. I've lectured kids about the dangers of getting into a strangers' car, talking to strangers, and going with a complete stranger yet, one sunny day in the year 2000, I found myself in a situation I warned against. Well, like I tell you I am not perfect so please! I was on my way to a shopping center; when a woman literally bumped into me. Now that I think of it, maybe I was an easy mark or being the kind- hearted mortal that I am, I made nothing of it and thought it was an accident; only to find that,the same woman stopped and asked whether I knew where a certain agency was. I explained I did not know and then she proceeded to open an envelope with lots of dead presidents, stating that she had found this money and and wanted to return it back to some agency it was addressed too. Well, I was quickly won over after seeing all these bills. I told her put the money away. It's not wise to display all these bills in public considering this was a busy shopping center. So she said she knew somewhere we could talk. I was unware that she was working with someone at the time because her partner in crime immediately pulled up and she said we can seat here. I hesitated but did get into the car of a complete stranger, who drove to a location; where it was less busy and the first stage of their little ploy was accomplished and achieved. Stupid move you say, God is still working. Read tommorrow's post to find out what happened next.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Should have found a job then go to College

I started college late. Thank God I made to graduation. Why is it that people expect one to land the big job as soon as they graduate? I have no experience in my field and have done volunteer work to make up for that. But, these days, I understand employers don't give a second thought to unpaid internship much less for volunteer work. I did not want to work, study and raise children at the same time. To me it is just too taxing. Now, that I've graduated and looking for a job I see I should have worked because job descriptions always ask for experience or they pay you the equivalent to a high school diploma which I think is highly unfair.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First Credit Card

Ah! the The Credit Card
A headache and a solution. When I got my credit card in the nineties, I was on cloud 9. The words charge it was like a daily prayer. I had a card with Discover with a credit line of $1000 and ended up owing $3000. Well, you know late payments fees and high interest does that. Well, one day, I signed up with a debt solution company , that ripped me off ; when that did not work, those kind folks at Discover decided to let me pay half the debt. God bless them because that debt company was not making those payments. I learned my lesson after all I am not perfect. Today, I am rebuilding my credit. I found a prepaid debit mastercard that helps me control my spending. I am only responsible for paying a dollar everytime I put money on the card and a yearly fee of $30. There is no interest or Aprs. I put money on the card from my checking account. If the card has no money, then I am saved from accumulating debt. One cannot spend what one doesn't have. Prepaid is peace of mind and control. It's just embarrassing, stressful and annoying when creditors keep harrassing one for their money. So, if you thinking of getting a credit card, go with Eufora Prepaid you'll be glad you did. Not only will you build credit, peace of mind is guarranteed.Click

Monday, June 25, 2007

Neglecting Others

I passed her way for 3 years. I saw her almost every day. In this woman, I saw
my sister, my mother, my friend and yet, because she lived on the sidewalk, because
the sidewalk was her bed, her clothes were not fancy, she did not live in a mansion,
all her belongings was in a little crocus bag ; I got caught in the same trap and treated her like she was a ghost. Today we talk and sometimes I stretch out my hands to her when I can . I am not saying that we should go out there and be friends with everyone out there, because, there are some who are pretty much messed up. The homeless, less fortunate or those who are different need someone to talk too. It does not take much to say a word of kindness or hello. Some people need to think about how they would feel if the tables were turned and maybe then empathy will overflow. These acts of kindness and emotions of empathy will not take away from us; yet, some of us are guilty. Some of us are so wrapped up in our own lives that we do not hear or see the hurting. These are human beings like us, born in God's image. Maybe on their life's journey something happened that placed them in the state they are or they are just born that way ;but that is no excuse to exclude them and treat them like they are invisible. Some people fail to realize that no one is immune to life's setbacks or failures. Life is treacherous. One never knows what will happen in the next second so it is pivitol that bowels of empathy be opened and shared with those we come in contact with because one never knows. People wait when a catastrophy happens; but by then it's too late. One would think that Columbine and Virginia Tech heightened our awareness but the circumstances surrounding the events seem to be long forgotten. God is still working on me

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's Summertime

My plans for the summer a pretty much the same year after year.
The kids will be out of school soon and it summer camp and summer Youth Employment.
I'll go about my normal routine which is work. Thank God for work. Thank God for life. Hopefully, next summer we will all take that long extended vacation to Disneyland or the Caribbean.

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