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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Shrink


Why is it that most of the times; people refer others to shrinks because of the slightest things. Why are people so scared? After the rat trap incident, I was sent to counseling because it was believed that I had a few loose screws. There, I was trying to help someone and my gesture of kindness was taken the wrong way. This messes up things because it hinders me from helping others due to that little incident.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jumping to the Wrong Conclusions

Rat Traps Gift

The holidays had arrived and the class was over by then. I began a series of note forwarding by way of email which at the time did not seem bodersome to me. I bought a classy gift which was turned down and felt bad because the recepient made it look like I needed it more and rejected it. The went on to explain that trinkets would be much more appreciated.

Few weeks prior, I read an article online about the effects rat droppings have on the body. I forwarded a copy under the subject heading let me clean your office. Obviously, the email was not read and it was judged by the subject title. When the classy gift was rejected I proceeded to the .99 cent store; where I purchased glued rat traps somewhere between 5 or 8. I placed them in a little gift bag and delivered them to mailbox. The Secretary was there and she showed me where the mailbox was. Because a note was not left; it was taken the wrong way.
I was surmoned to the counselling office the next day. Evidently, the Director was contacted and she personally called me to come in. When I got there, I was told that such and such does not want to talk to me no more. Such and such think I am trying to hurt them and such and such think I want a relationship because I offered to clean such and such office. I'm like whoa! such and such sure does not think highly of me. Why would I want to cause harm and leave a trail of evidence and a witness that going to come right back to me. Furthermore, how is gluey rat trap going to harm someone? I can understand that if a dead bird was left neatly wrapped up then there would be cause for concern. But this? The Director made me promise to avoid all contacts which I did promise but did not live up too because after counselling sessions were over; such and such was more chummy with me. It was like nothing never happened.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Feelings not mutual
I listened to her lectures for a whole semester and she was good in terms of delivery and teaching methods. In class she said,"she does not like to gossip. When others go on and on she tends to keep quiet". I admire this quality because I'm just the same. I hate gossip. She made it known to the class, that she has office hours and should they need to talk feel free to come in. Well, I took her up on her offer because I had some minor problem and thought I found just the person that could guide and counsel me. When I got to her office for the first time, it was cluttered with all kinds of books and rat droppings on the floor. People say, a cluttered office relates to one's mind; yet, she seemed to have it all together. I drew her attention to the rat droppings and right away she called someone on the horn and filed a complain. I proceeded to tell her what was bugging me and this woman was unbelievable.She was very attentive and concerned and even offered me help. People hardly give me the time of day and this was special. It was rare. I began to view this woman as an angel. The mother figure I did not have. The mentor and confidant I did not have. She told me that there was no right and wrong answers to my problem and if I was strong enough to live with my decision. She offered to help me further with another concern for which she is an expert in and gave me a hug before I left. I left her office feeling like I was on cloud 9 ; but,as time progressed,four years later things changed. Well, God is still working. You want to know more this is a mini series. Read on.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lord help me

Gee I forgot

forgetful mind

I went on this interview for an internship and was never called back. I have the credentials and I am willing to work for peanuts just to gain some hands-on experience. You know one sits in the class room day after day or night after night, but having a theorectical idea is just not good enough. Hands on experience account for a great deal. Well, I did my homework about the company and was proud at myself for answering questions thrown at me. I was dressed professionally, my resume was exceptional, and I conducted myself in a professional manner. Continue reading because you can learn something from this. I believe the part I messed up on was when the question of tell me some of the courses you have taken was thrown at me. This is the part where I was shocked at myself. I have been in college for 5 years now and should be able to name the last 6 courses I did last Semester but I couldnot. When I got to 3 subjects down the road, I was grappling. Well, what did I tell you? God is still on me.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Putting It Off May Cost You

Do it Now
Do you ever find yourself putting things off? I mean things you can do right this instant. Well, I am guilty of that and in the end I get stress and depress . Really! I have gotten so much into the habit of saying that people die and leave work behind, or that Rome was not built in a day; that just getting the smallest things done and completed ontime is easily put off. I know this is bad and unprofessional; however, I've cooked up a plan and set it in motion. I write my tasks down and assign days to them. This makes it easy because when I check my list, I know what's done and what needs to be done. So, if you have an exam or report to write don't wait until the last moment. You might end up cramming or turning in a paper which is the first draft. If you don't make payments on time; you may end up with a late fee charge. The idea is to do what you can today instead of waiting for tomorrow which may never come. Hey! I'm still striving towards perfection.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


One bright Wednesday, in early Spring, I was at the bus stop waiting for my bus. There I was minding my own business, when two men stepped out of a car. One was well dressed and the other was in ordinary clothes. The one in the ordinary clothes approached me and ask me if I knew where he could fax a letter to Africa. Since, I was a few blocks away from the College, I suggested that he should try there; maybe some one would assist him. He said he did not want too many people in his business. He showed me a letter that looked ligit. From the time he proceeded to tell me about inheritance money; he had received and was willing to share it with me - a total stranger; smoke screens went up and I said thanks but no thanks I cannot help. He left me and he and his well dressed friend got in the car and drove off. Things do happpen for a reason. True, I was scammed the first time and I did learn something because now I know what to look for. Anytime a perfect stranger or someone not so perfect offers me money; well, I have to analyze and scrutinize the situation. Anytime someone yo9u do not know from Adam offers to share huge sums of money, or ask how you doing financial wise; Run! This is a clue of a scam to follow. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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