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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Managing Anger

Anger Management

It's mind-boggling how people go through life being angry all the time; when they could take advantage of anger management classes, counseling, or even anger management therapy. It is very unhealthy living day to day without managing anger. When I get angry; I release it on paper. I sometimes write whomever; I'm angry at a mean letter which I destroy after reading. I call them every possible name I can think out. In the end, I feel much better having unleashed that anger. If this is not managing anger then it is controlling anger. This poem for example is one instance; where I was really angry. Yes, I do get angry too. After all, I'm human. You see in the spur of the moment, this is the easiest thing to do to control anger. Try it. Who knows? This anger management tactic may work for you.

I would be better off
I would be better off
If you had let me be
If you had dismiss me
Or tell me shoo, shoo
Don't bother me
I would be better off
Not knowing your face
So I won't have to see it
All over the place
I would be better off
Not knowing your name
Then I would not have to worry
if you are sad or havin pain

I would be better off
If your bad side I see
If my pinky, you set free
Then I would let you be
For my heart now in two
Finds it difficult to be whole again
I would be better off

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