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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dating Singles Online - 5 Benefits


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If you are looking for companionship, then you are now, or soon to be, counted among the growing number of dating singles online. Dating websites are more popular than ever, and still growing. There are several reasons why this is the case, some of which may surprise you.


  • 1. Trying something new. It doesn't take long for single people to get tired of the traditional dating scene. It's either too boring, time-consuming or otherwise demanding. When dating singles online the problems of traditional dating virtually disappear. Sure, you still have to sort through several people, but the way the "hunt" is conducted is entirely different.
  • 2. Convenience. You don't have to spend a lot of time getting ready when dating online. All you have to do is log in to the dating website of your choice, look at profiles, and maybe exchange a few messages. This takes much less time than getting dressed up and driving somewhere. If all goes well, you will eventually meet someone face-to-face, but until then, you don't have to worry about the normal inconveniences.
  • 3. A large pool. No, this isn't referring to a nice place to swim. Rather, it refers to the fact that there is a large pool of potential dating partners available online. After all, you are connecting to people from all over (though there are sites that cater to smaller areas). You no longer have to choose from the same dozen or so regulars at your local single's bar. Instead, you may have access to thousands and thousands of profiles.
  • 4. Variety. Maybe you live in a small town and love the works of Voltaire, professional wrestling, scrapbooking and Czech cheeses. It may be nearly impossible to find anyone in your area that shares those interests. With the massive variety of dating online singles, your chances of finding someone with the same tastes goes up significantly. Of course, those with more standard tastes are out there, too.
  • 5. Anonymity. But isn't the whole idea of online dating to get to know someone? It is, but by being anonymous early on, you can feel more at ease being yourself. When somebody isn't looking at your profile, it doesn't feel like they are giving you the cold shoulder. It's not you as a person they aren't responding to, it's the data contained in your profile. Also, if you happen to get rejected, you won't take it as personally because you are not as emotionally invested. Rejection works both ways, though, and online dating takes care of that problem, too. If you aren't interested in somebody, all you need to do is move on to another profile; all without the fear of guilt.

Traditional dating isn't going away, but with all it has going for it, online dating is becoming a more and more serious competitor. Oh, and the best thing of all? The chance to meet somebody special and be happy.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Beautiful Asian Women - Be Ahead Of The Game :By Mau



Find your love today!

It's possible with the internet to find, meet, and even marry beautiful Asian women. Though don't think that just because the internet is here that you can sit back and do nothing. There are very specific things you'll need to do if you want to attract a wonderful Asian woman to you.

Keep in mind that when you are talking about Asian women that can include many different countries, all with their own cultures and traditions. To really increase your chances of making a connection with someone you should narrow down your focus and concentrate on women from a particular country. It doesn't matter if it's Chinese, or Japanese, etc. Just pick one country and familiarize yourself with it's language and customs.

If you take the time to do this the women you meet will be very impressed and flattered that you took the time and effort, and those two things can take you a long way.

There are some general rules to keep in mind when dating Asian woman, though. For one thing, most Asian women will respond to a strong, assertive man. Please don't mistake this for a loud mouth, over compensating jackass. There is a huge difference and if you don't know what the difference is you better figure it out before you set out to meet someone otherwise you'll just turn her off and make a very bad impression.

Being strong and assertive means that you know what you want and you're not afraid to, politely, ask for it. Instead of some vague 'do you want to go out sometime?' try a more direct approach 'do you want to go to dinner on Saturday night'? That is a much better approach with most women, not just Asian ones.

Asian women aren't nearly as forgiving about appearance as American woman are. Today's American male dresses like they just rolled out of bed, they are often unshaven, wearing sloppy looking clothes that look dirty even if they've just been washed and usually need a haircut. While this scruffy look may work with American women, it won't get you anywhere with Asian women. They'd dismiss you as a slob quicker than you can say 'haircut'.

Asian women often are stereotyped as being gold diggers and calculating but that is very unfair. The truth is that their cultural upbringing has taught them that a man should be able to support his wife, and they naturally look for men who can do just that. It's a cultural thing more than anything so don't get freaked out if a woman you've recently met asks you some very personal questions about your health and finances.

Cultural differences not withstanding, beautiful Asian women are just like women, beautiful or not, everywhere - they want a man who will love them, respect them and treat them right. It's not rocket science and you don't need anything other than a little knowledge about the culture, some good manners and common sense. Using this approach will streamline the process of meeting the woman of your dreams.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Guide on Being a Good Girlfriend / Boyfriend


How To Be  A Good Girlfriend / Boyfriend

If you don't think you are relationship material because you have trouble keeping a boyfriend / girlfriend,  maybe some information on how to be a girlfriend / boyfriend  would be of some help to you. You can read books on the subject or go see a counselor, which is a good idea if things don't improve for you, but for starters, read what follows and see if you agree.

First of all, understand that relationships are a two-way street and you can't always have things your own way. Compromises on each others' parts sometimes have to be made to keep the peace. If you find yourselves fighting about every little thing that comes along then maybe you aren't suited to each other.

I believe it is healthy to be able to have an argument (on occasion) and then be adult enough to either make that compromise or work it out some other way that is beneficial to both of you. When I say compromise, I don't mean that one of you suggests something and the other one just rolls over and takes it. I mean, actually work it out, use a piece of paper and pencil and write down the pros and cons of the problem and really work out a solution.

Knowing how to be a girlfriend / boyfriend isn't rocket science but it will take some effort on your part to help keep the relationship moving forward. Not that it is all your responsibility in this day and age. Hopefully you have a boyfriend / girlfriend who is enlightened and knows this, too. The last relationship I had that failed was well over ten years ago and a friend of mine told me that it was completely the woman's responsibility to make it work.

I disagreed with her. I don't know which century she thought she was living in but it certainly wasn't the current one. I believe it is half of my responsibility to make it work. A relationship takes both people to make it or break it. When one can't talk to or reason with the other because they always have to be right, the relationship cannot last.

Things started out great, as most relationships do, but in time, I began to realize how selfish and insensitive he was and I put up with it for some time. I don't really know why I put up with it for as long as I did but I decided one day that life was too short to live that way so, I ended the relationship. The relationship I am in now is so much better, we rarely argue and if something is bothering either of us we talk it through and come to a solution or at least a compromise so we are both satisfied with the outcome. When you are with the right person, things are just easier, not to mention a lot calmer and more comfortable.

The main thing that I have learned is that I need to make myself happy first and the rest will follow. So far so good. Seems that when I ended that relationship I left all my baggage back there, too. It feels great to finally be traveling light. I guess that somewhere between the two relationships I figured out how to be a girlfriend.


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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

General Dating Advice



Three Months for the Price of One!


          For those of you who are either just starting to date or who are re-entering the dating world, there is general advice for dating that may help you get firmly in the saddle. It doesn’t matter what age you are, when you’re dating there may be things you don’t understand about the process. The majority of it operates on instinct but so many things can come into play with dating in the 21st century that it’s a much better idea to prepare instead of having some random incidents thrown at you. Most of it is common sense but there are some things you can do to increase your chances for a good connection.

Changes in dating come along with whatever era you happen to be in. For instance, the 1950’s dating life was quite a bit different than it is in the 21st century. These days, it’s totally acceptable for women to ask men out on dates where this was never done decades ago. It may still be a good idea to try to make it seem like a sudden idea to spend time doing something together you both like. Men can then say no comfortably if he’s not interested, and the woman won’t feel destroyed by being turned down.

Home computers along with the Internet have begun a totally new era in dating. If you decide to use this as a dating tool, you’ll find that it’s a completely different ball game. The Internet offers anonymity which also means that you need to be more careful than you would be in normal dating situations. People can pretend to be whoever they want on the Internet and you won’t know if you’re being lied to or not until it’s too late. For this reason, more caution needs to be used when Internet dating.

The most important that you can do when dating is to be yourself when you’re with that other person. Whatever you’re showing this person is what you’ll need to continue showing. Be honest about who you are when dating. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to build a successful relationship because it will not be an honest one, and it will be ruined before it’s even off the ground. That’s why, even though there are many things that will help you when you start dating, the two things that will keep you moving along in a good direction is being sincere and genuine.

Other things should be done automatically, such as being considerate of your date’s feelings. Even if this doesn’t turn out to be the man or woman of your dreams, remember that you have agreed to this date and there’s no reason for you not to be pleasant on it. Don’t make it obvious what a terrible time you’re having. Try to walk in your date’s shoes and act accordingly. You never have to go out with him or her again if that’s what you choose, but don’t make the date you’re currently on a terrible one. There’s always another chance waiting for you down the road.


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Monday, August 9, 2010

How To Relieve Sore Muscles After Exercise


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Relieve Sore Muscles After Exercise

It might seem odd,but it makes me feel good to know my muscles are sore and I have worked myself hard to build strength after a long work out. But sometimes you want to relieve sore muscles and pains, this is what you can do to help relieve those aches and pains that bother you.

Many people think that it’s crucial to stretch before and after they exercise to help ward off any soreness of the muscles. If you stretch too much while your muscles are throbbing after the workout,you may do more harm than good. So keep stretching limited and relaxed so you don't put a strain on your muscles and get an injury.

During the stretching you can tear the muscle fiber,which can take a long time to heal and will limit your activities until it heals.Which can slow your progress down with your exercising regimen. Either you can sprain or strain,although both have their differences,you are more likely to pull muscles.Stopping your exercise routine while you wait for the muscle to repair can be frustrating and delay you.

Stretching only works if your muscles are loose and warmed up.Otherwise you risk injury.

Light warm ups before you workout can maximize your stretching. The soreness you feel in you body after working out is because of the tiny tears that occur when you work them hard. By the time your muscles repair,your muscles grow bigger and stronger. So some soreness is a good thing.

You should carefully adjust into a exercise program instead of rigorous training right away. I've made the mistake of thinking because I'm athletic I can easily get involved in any physical activity. This is wrong. Various activities require and use different muscles to perform different functions.

If some soreness of the muscles occurs,give light exercise a try. Things like small walks and a laid back bike ride are ideal. The idea is to keep your muscles loose without putting additional strain on your muscles.

First aid for injuries usually involves placing ice on the area from 15 to 20 minutes. After an hour has passed apply heat for 15 to 20 minutes for the next hour or so. Bathing in a hot tub can help to relax you and your muscles.

Maybe a light massage is right for you? Massages help to bring more blood to the the affected areas and help remove the lactic acid that causes soreness in your muscles. Many over counter creams for sore muscles exist to help ease your discomfort.

Just by following these tips,you can enjoy your workouts and know how to get rid of sore muscles too!


Native Remedies The Natural Choice

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Shy Guys Dont Always Have To Finish Last


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Shyness is something that many people experience to different degrees. Some are a little uncomfortable when it comes to meeting new people or speaking in front of a group of strangers. Other people are polar opposites and become debilitated by their shyness. Sadly, these are the men who typically never get a chance to show a woman what they have to offer because they are just too shy to even say “hello.” However, that doesn’t always have to be the case.

To begin with, there are many women who simply ADORE shy men. There’s just something about a guy who is terrified to talk to women. He may be one of the greatest looking guys in the room, but he doesn’t know that. Believe it or not, that is, in and of itself, one of the hottest triggers for many women. They will locate this man with their internal heat seeking missiles and proceed to home in on him. Most of the time, their approach is viewed with much trepidation by the object of their attention, as a truly shy man will be terrified that he’s going to have to talk.

Now, imagine his surprise when he does manage to look at the woman and see that she’s one of the most beautiful looking women in the place. Your first thought should NOT be “why is she talking to ME?” Instead, look at it as an opportunity. Obviously, she sees something she likes or she wouldn’t be standing in front of you introducing herself. Yes, you’re terrified, but please remember that SHE approached YOU and she will most likely be happy to start the conversation and maybe even carry a lot of it. However, you DO need to do your part to participate in the conversation or she’ll think you don’t like her.

If she keeps touching you lightly on the arm while talking to you, ask her to dance. Hopefully, you have learned at least how to do a decent slow dance. You’re not expected to be Fred Astaire, but it does give you an excuse to put your arms around her. This will tell you a lot about what her intentions are.

Smile a lot but don’t leer. Let her know that you’re enjoying her company. This isn’t impossible, no matter how shy you are. Again, keep in mind that SHE came to YOU. Always keep that in the front of your mind so that you can gain some confidence from it. This amazing woman found you interesting enough to walk over to you and start talking. The least you can do is talk back. It’s important that you show her you like her in an unobtrusive way.

When it comes time to part ways, if things have gone well, ask her for her phone number. By then you’ll be able to tell whether or not she’s interested enough to give you her number or not, so it’s not like you’re taking a huge gamble. Remember that she likes you and be brave.


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Friday, August 6, 2010

Success With Online Dating Sites Where Singles Click!

Dating isn't like it was when our parents were young. Back then, everyone knew the neighbors for one thing. You knew a lot of people so it was easy to meet a new person. Then came the bar scene, where many people would go to nurse a drink and hookup with someone who interested them. Unfortunately, today most of us don't know the neighbors and the bars are the best place to meet drunks, not people we want to date.

Technology has brought us a new era today – that of the internet. Now many people are going to the different dating websites online to meet interesting people. They are kind of the personal ads of the modern age, but with so much more potential than a little ad ever was. To use these sites effectly and meet people who really interest you, there are three major factors that you need to pay attention to: your picture, your profile and what attracts us to the opposite sex.

Your picture is a huge factor because that is the first thing browsers at the dating website are going to notice. That doesn't mean that you have to be a model or anything. It simply means that you'll want to take some care in choosing a photo that is as flattering as you can. Most sites let you post more than one picture and if they do, you should take advantage of that feature. A really good idea is to include at least one candid where you are obviously enjoying yourself, smiling or laughing. Most of us look better when we smile and it will give the impression of being someone who is fun to be around.

Now your profile is even more important because this is what will tell the people looking at it if you might be someone they'd like to meet. You should fill out everything in the profile or profiles on each site that you decide to join. Be detailed and specific with what you put in here and don't be too hard on yourself. Many people get stuck on what they should write in there and so don't put much information. You're better off taking your time to really think about your answers and giving a lot of information.

Be honest in your profiles! There's nothing worse than finding out that someone is nothing like what they said they were. If you don't tell the truth, when they find out – and they will – they will just think you're a liar and drop you like a hot potato. Don't make it boring, either. If you make it fun to read, then it's more likely that more people will read it and be interested in getting to know you better.

Knowing what attracts us to the opposite sex is at least as important as the first two items, if not more so. In order for us to find profiles based on what we want, we first have to know what we want. Most online dating sites will show us profiles based on what we say we want. If you want to be shown the people you will most likely want to meet, then be clear in what you want and what you are looking for in a relationship.


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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Importance Of Common Interests

Relationship Common Interest - genuine people, REAL LOVE

Something that a lot of people may overlook in the beginning of a relationship is the fact that they have nothing in common. When the lust is over powering and the infatuation is completely over the top, it is easy to believe that everything is going to work out. You are convinced that it has a happily forever after ending just waiting to happen even though one of you is obsessed with sports and the other one HAS to have a weekly night at a the local art gallery. One of you craves loud heavy metal music while the other one insists on the opera. While these are not things that cannot be overcome, if there are more opposite interests than those in common, it can definitely be an issue.

Suppose, for example, the guy loves sailing and deep sea fishing. His new woman gets sea sick just THINKING about being on the water. Is he going to sell his boat and stop fishing? Or maybe she is a fashion designer and his idea of style is a 80s pair of holey jeans? These can be some rather serious differences but, again, they can still be overcome if there is the will to do so. Consider for a minute, though, that with so many of these differences in place, just how much time would the two of you actually spend together having fun? Yes, being in bed IS having fun, but you can’t realistically stay there forever. You must come out on occasion and participate in that important thing called Life.

The best way to meet someone who has interests the same as you is by hanging out in places that you enjoy. There will be other single people there that will be interested in talking to you. This is the chance to get to know someone better who may become important to you. A situation like this will help the connection begin on common ground.

Another way to make sure that you connect with people who have interests in common with you is through the help of certain dating agencies or higher quality dating websites. You will find that the dating profiles required there work to match you with someone that enjoys the same sort of things you do. In order for it all to work as it is meant to, you must be totally honest when answering the questions on the profile. No one is there to judge you and the only other person who will know what your interests are will be the one you are matched with. And THIS person won’t care because they will have listed the same interests as you did.

The important thing to remember is that if being in a relationship with someone who has many of the same interests as you do is what you really want, then you should not settle for less. Neither one of you will ever be totally happy. Therefore, it will be worth that extra effort to find someone who is perfect for you in all ways.


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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flirting tips women Without Appearing Easy


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                                                                                                Flirting Tips


Many women constantly ponder what the best ways are to flirt with men without appearing as if they are willing to be “picked up.” Due to modern values and beliefs, that can actually be a rather difficult task. Another problem is that there are just too many men who only seem to be looking for sex. In fact, these are the men you need to be the most careful around because they’ll take ANY show of friendliness as a sign you’re open to a one night stand. Don’t be discouraged, though. There are some ways you can flirt without seeming as if you’re ready to hop into bed.

To begin with, consider the places where you flirt with men. This has a strong influence on how the men will take your flirting. If you flirt with the man in line next to you at the post office, or at the checkout counter of a super market, it’s pretty easy to see that you’re not trying to hook up with him. Pick any mundane location where you might run into an attractive man and you’re pretty safe in flirting with him. They’ll just assume it’s your way of being friendly.

There are places, however, that you’ll want to be careful with your flirting. The top of that list are bars and nightclubs. A lot of these places are simply where people go to hook up with others and “get lucky.” So if you find yourself in one of these places by yourself or other women, be ready to receive some pretty intense flirting. Remember, though, that these guys are hoping for something much more from you than just flirting. It may not matter how subtle you are at flirting. They will take anything that looks like a hopeful opportunity and try to turn it into more.

It is quite possible to flirt without looking easy once you get the hang of it. You can give a man you like a small smile while glancing up at him with your eyes fixed on his. This shows him that you find him worth flirting with. Practicing your flirting skills will help it become as easy as breathing. Your goal is to seem friendly while not being easy and flirting the right way will give you that.

Smiling and humor are excellent combination to use when flirting. Humor is the best way to keep things light while flirting and not letting it get too serious. Use it at every possible opportunity. Once you are at the point where it doesn’t bother you if a man doesn’t return your flirting, you’ll know that you’re a professional flirter. This is because flirting will have become so normal and natural to you that it will simply be a large part of the way you communicate with men. This will be understood by men intuitively and they will know you’re not hitting on them. You’re flirting but still remaining in control of the situation.


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