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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dating Singles Online - 5 Benefits


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If you are looking for companionship, then you are now, or soon to be, counted among the growing number of dating singles online. Dating websites are more popular than ever, and still growing. There are several reasons why this is the case, some of which may surprise you.


  • 1. Trying something new. It doesn't take long for single people to get tired of the traditional dating scene. It's either too boring, time-consuming or otherwise demanding. When dating singles online the problems of traditional dating virtually disappear. Sure, you still have to sort through several people, but the way the "hunt" is conducted is entirely different.
  • 2. Convenience. You don't have to spend a lot of time getting ready when dating online. All you have to do is log in to the dating website of your choice, look at profiles, and maybe exchange a few messages. This takes much less time than getting dressed up and driving somewhere. If all goes well, you will eventually meet someone face-to-face, but until then, you don't have to worry about the normal inconveniences.
  • 3. A large pool. No, this isn't referring to a nice place to swim. Rather, it refers to the fact that there is a large pool of potential dating partners available online. After all, you are connecting to people from all over (though there are sites that cater to smaller areas). You no longer have to choose from the same dozen or so regulars at your local single's bar. Instead, you may have access to thousands and thousands of profiles.
  • 4. Variety. Maybe you live in a small town and love the works of Voltaire, professional wrestling, scrapbooking and Czech cheeses. It may be nearly impossible to find anyone in your area that shares those interests. With the massive variety of dating online singles, your chances of finding someone with the same tastes goes up significantly. Of course, those with more standard tastes are out there, too.
  • 5. Anonymity. But isn't the whole idea of online dating to get to know someone? It is, but by being anonymous early on, you can feel more at ease being yourself. When somebody isn't looking at your profile, it doesn't feel like they are giving you the cold shoulder. It's not you as a person they aren't responding to, it's the data contained in your profile. Also, if you happen to get rejected, you won't take it as personally because you are not as emotionally invested. Rejection works both ways, though, and online dating takes care of that problem, too. If you aren't interested in somebody, all you need to do is move on to another profile; all without the fear of guilt.

Traditional dating isn't going away, but with all it has going for it, online dating is becoming a more and more serious competitor. Oh, and the best thing of all? The chance to meet somebody special and be happy.

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