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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Executive Dating Sites - Pros and Cons : By Mau

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There is no doubt that online dating sites are getting more and more popular, and will be around for many years to come. Dating sites exist for all different groups of people.

Religious background, race, orientation, location and other sub-groups all have sites dedicated to serving them. If you are a professional, you may be pleased to know that there are also executive dating sites that cater to your needs. To put it simply, such sites are places online where various executives gather in the hopes of meeting someone special.

Another component may be added on top of the dating, and that is networking. The idea is that you can build your list of associates while looking for a potential romantic partner. However, this networking should be thought of as secondary, and you should primarily use the sites for what they were intended.

Just like other dating websites, those that feature executives require their members to fill out a profile. When filling out your profile keep in mind that the other members are executives, too. This means you will want to highlight your education, career and goals. You don't necessarily want to copy your resume, but you don't want to completely ignore it, either. Think of your profile as a one-sided interview where you don't get to hear the questions. That may sound like an odd analogy, but it will help you write a better profile.

So, does this mean you should be stodgy and serious with your profile and pictures? Only if you want to attract people who are stodgy and serious. Other than that, remember to show people you know how to have fun. Include a few candid pictures and include things you do for fun in your profile.

Profiles on executive dating sites can be tricky things. You want to put your best foot forward, but there is also the tendency to embellish things to appear more appealing. Plus, those who somehow feel that they are a bit lower on the executive ladder may be intimidated and make things up so they look better. However, making stuff up always backfires. If it helps, remind yourself that you had to meet certain qualifications before you could be a member. That fact means you are "worthy" of being there, and that there is no need to stretch the truth.

Be very careful about contacting anybody from the same company you work for. You may be unintentionally be putting your job in jeopardy. This is especially true if you are in a superior position to the person you are interested in. Of course, office romances happen all the time, and there is nothing wrong with them; just remain cautious that you don't cross any lines that could get you into trouble.

If you are a professional person and looking for romance, then executive dating sites are a good option. Use the tips above to help you get the most from them and increase your chances of success.


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