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Thursday, December 30, 2010

mixed drinks fruit punch- Your Next Party Drink


Planning a party can be a bit stressful especially when deciding what drinks to serve your guest. Serving alcoholic party punch drinks, is an appealing idea ; yet at the same time you do not want your guest to be drunk while still at your party. Although some people usually bring a bottle of wine or alcohol as a gift for the hostess you should not rely on that. What you need are two huge punch bowl with drinks. One bowl of non alcoholic mixed drinks to satisfy the needs of those who are non alcoholic and one for those who drink liquors.

Deciding to serve alcoholic party drinks means your planning should be modified to provide at least two drinks for each guest every hour that would mean about 20 wine bottles with about 6-7 servings for each guest . Be sure to have enough wine on hand and in addition to wine consider serving other mixed drinks fruit punch like kool aide or ice tea so that you do not run out of drinks.

Don't limit your guest to just one glass. People usually like fresh clean glasses so have extra clean glasses on hand. Many people like their beverages cold so don't forget to stock-up on ice and have enough clean glasses on hand so that guest can change dirty glasses for clean ones with ease.

Below is a recipe for gincranpine juice which can be easily modified. Tasty to d bone.

  • 1 sac of peelings from a whole pineapple
  • 1tb ginger
  • 2 cups cranberry seeds.
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • Combine all bring to boil strain and serve cold.


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