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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What You Need To Know About Bz9 And Landing Pages. Hosting just $1.99/mo! 468x60

Bz9 improves  quality landing pages thereby,increasing traffic to your website. You see,the sole deciding factor for the return of  visitors to  your site  and top rankings in the search engines rely  heavily on the quality of your  landing page.And,since quality landing pages don't just magically happen,  you need to arm yourself  with the right set of tools to bring about an avalanche of  traffic to your site.


Please allow me to whet your curiosity with the bz9 mystery. If you haven't heard about bz9 or if you are not currently using this remarkable easy,innovative way of ranking high in the search engines you are missing out greatly;because bz9 is like magic. It is a software that can improve or update your landing pages while converting your site into a money making machine.

A quality landing page is very critical to your success on the web and that's where bz9 comes in. Not only will it help you have repeat visitors but it will also prompt an action from them; like subscribing to a newsletter, entering a contest or making a purchase. You maybe wondering how bz9 is going to do that?. Well,here's how. Bz9 has the capability of making any page interactive and engaging, as well as get you the traffic you need. Bz9's tools will make sure that prospective visitors have no problem finding your landing page and once they land they will be willing to create a lasting business relationship with you.

Face it, everyone craves website traffic as well as top rankings in the search engines,because this traffic converts to customers thereby generating a profit. If your site is lost in the search engines, no one will come. If it under-delivers, visitors will not stay nor return. As a result,you will miss out on raking in profits because you have no traffic. And,since no traffic equals no money,you will be wasting valuable time and money. So,if you really want to engage and keep customers who come to your website and rank high in the search engines you will definitely need the magic of bz9,else you will lost big time. What it boils down to is this: design or improve your landing page,and overall site with full user experience in mind with bz9.

Bz9 is a state of the art internet marketing tool with simple to use plugins that will revolutionize the way you develop your website. This software suite comes with many tools to help you increase and maximize your online profits. Bz9's very  powerful tools are accompanied by videos and instructional blogs making those tools and procedures very simple to manipulate and implement.  It is ideal for prominent social marketing platforms like Twitter,Facebook,LinkedIn etc. Also great for  forums,blogging,URL tool shortening(for securing your affiliates links),exit scripts,and drop-ins posted to any site. Also included are opt-in bars,viral bars,peel away advertising,auto responders,follow-me tabs,the building of unlimited websites including video,landing pages,and squeeze pages in  10 minutes,(which are freely hosted for you-no need to purchase domain names or hosting),These tools are also compatible with all of the major auto responders. Majority of these powerful plugins can be utilized on numerous websites like ebay,amazon and others. 

So, whether you are a small or medium to large company with a website or if you have a personal website,bz9 can transform it helping you to keep up with changing trends. You have the option of utilizing these varied suite of online marketing tools for free with BZ9 advertising included or you can purchase an upgraded bundle to take advantage of other perks.

After registering and putting the free version to the test; you can upgrade  and take advantage of the 7 day free trial and and earn commissions.  As with the free versions,there are limitations and restrictions unlike the upgraded membership which allows for full functionality;allowing one to add advertising to an unÌlimited number of websites through insertion of simple code. You have the option of using third party auto responder or BZ9's variety of 50 auto responders and follow-up emails that can be  easily inserted into your auto-responder to maximize your profits. You have the advantage of creating and using countless numbers of follow-up emails,video sales pages,squeeze pages,and web pages.  In addition,everything is hosted for you free of charge.

As a user of bz9, I can attest that this product is cutting edge technology at it's best. Not only will it transform your website, making it interactive and engaging;but it will also increase traffic and sales. This neat little software suite will help you broadcast new product offerings via the most popular social networks; while helping you to build your list and set up auto responders. Take a look at this little bundle of miracles. If you want an avalanche of traffic and profit,then bz9 with its automated marketing plugins,tools,and procedures is by far the best seo easy to use marketing tool for you. BZ9 was created for everyone;so,there's no need for prior programming,HTML or SEO knowledge. The tools are simple and basically easy to use and implement. Many people like bz9 because it allows them to produce different forms that work fantastically. You have to see bz9 in action for yourself.

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