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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Still Not Using SOLO MAILINGS?

Allow me to present Solo mailings-The best way to get traffic to your website.Whether you have a personal blog or internet business solo ads are the way to go.

So what is Solo Mailing? Well,solo mailing,otherwise known as a solo ad is an advertisement sent via electronic mail to a target list of email users who have previously expressed interest in what you have to sell.

How does solo mailing work? Answer:You write up an advertisement to let people know what you are selling. Then,you get a list of people who have expressed interest in what you are selling and you target them through email. Your message ad is sent to the entire list of prospects in one mailing.The name solo means your ad is sent by itself to every interested party on th list.

I Don't Have A List. What Do I Do? Answer:Well here are some options for making solo ads work.

  • Option-1: You can purchase a solo ad from an ezine publisher who has a ready list of subscribers interested in what you have to sell.
  • OPtion-2:You can ask people in forums,who have huge list to send out your selling message as a joint venture and you'll do likewise. Oh but wait,you don't have a list.
  • Option-3: You can Google various newsletter articles and find subscribers in your niche. Then contact owners of the list. But it take time lots of time and and the list may not be successful

Option-1 is your best bet,as all the work of finding good prospects has already been done for you. You can take advantage of option-1 by becoming a member of directory of ezines. Once you enroll,you are presented with many tools to promote your online business as well as finding ezines with solo ads in your niche. Solo ads are reasonable and sometimes you receive a two for one or discount.

Sign up for Solo Ads here

Are Solo Ads Expensive? Well,I don't know what's expensive for you,but there are few solo ads to ezines with subscribers in the 20,000s that are usually priced under $100. So,a huge mailing list of about 20,000 has the opportunity of seeing your solo advertisement for a meager $100. The directory of ezines has about 400 publishers and they give lifetime members discounts on solo ads.

Lifetime membership to directory of ezines will not last forever so sign up now and take advantage of all the perks associated with being a member. You can become a member right now and begin using solo ads right away.

If you are an affiliate marketer, then you need to utilize ezine advertising. Once you become a member, you automatically become an affiliate. You can promote products and earn a commission. So, don't wait,join here and start using the power of solo ads to drive traffic to your site and make money in the process.

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